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Extraordinary Motifs in a Saree from Pothys

A motif plays a significant role in weaving the unique elements of a traditional silk saree.

The motif in an Indian traditional silk sarees are indicative of the rich cultural heritage that the artisans have been following since antiquity.

This simple yet elegant silk saree is designed keeping in mind the heritage of nature by adding a royal touch using the geometric checks that completes the look of the saree which is placed inside the blue color that falls perfectly the body. The exclusive fabric picked to weave this saree is pure silk Sarees  adding the royal colors by bringing out the uniqueness of the saree.

The colors chosen from the palette is deeply thought thus complimenting the motifs in the most unique way. The weavers have fined weaved the distinctive patterns by using silk fast zari to portray geometric lines with delicate flower kind lamps neatly placed inside the border. The slanting lines that are placed inside the pallu gives a soothing effect to the saree. The motif has been given a neat finish by portraying zig-zag lines with delicate flower petal which beautifully gives out a finished look. The traditional leaf is beautifully placed after the finished design by adding a royal touch to the saree. The deer motif on the pallu indicates the free women who is strong and independent just like how you are!

The extraordinary saree is beautifully merged in colors of pink, purple, blue, green and gold zari giving it a ravishing look. Step into our store and pick this masterpiece, as rare as you. Visit us at – www.pothys.com.

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