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The Evergreen Beauty - Silk Saree Collection

If you have had the chance to look back at old photographs of your mom or your grandmother, one thing must have caught your eye and warmed your heart.

It should be the beauty and radiance they emit. Natural and effortlessly beautiful, the ladies are sure to make you envy their timeless beauty. Forget the old photographs, take into account a festive occasion. With countless clothing options and hours of make-up later, you will manage to look pretty dapper. But in goes your mom and 10 minutes later she comes out clad in a classic Kanchipuram Saree. For the rest of the day, people are just talking about how beautiful your mom looks and of course how you have taken after in the looks department.

Ever wondered what the secret is? In addition to their natural glow and beauty, there is something striking about the silk sarees they wear. Silk sarees have the tendency to impart tranquillity and exquisiteness to the person wearing it. Pure silk sarees have adorned beautiful ladies for several centuries now. Before the dawn of designer sarees, pure silk sarees from Kanchipuram were the go-to option for any festive occasion. Even though the younger generation is drifting away from sarees, many of the modern day brides go back to embrace their culture by wearing Silk sarees on their wedding day. Weddings are a traditional affair and it is only apt to reach out to pure silk sarees that are an embodiment of tradition and elegance.

With the rise in demand for silk sarees, it is possible to mistake adulterated silk sarees in the market for pure Kanchipuram ones. However, there is a place that provides you only the purest and rarest of silk sarees from Kanchipuram. It is none other than Pothys’ Silk saree collection. Right from the elegant Samudrika pattu to the Zardozi crystal embedded, Vastrakala pattu, different types of silk sarees are available in a wide range of designs and colours. Buy pure silk sarees online and showcase your timeless beauty to the world.

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