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Economical Casual Sarees - Become the Office Fashionista!

What is a girl’s best friend? Diamonds? Well, not anymore. The answer differs from one person to another depending on their personality.

It can be hot couture or even hot chicken wings! Jokes apart, today’s woman is constantly looking forward to making a style statement out of everything she wears. Be it the clothes, jewellery or even the bag she carries, she expects it to be a reflection of her personality. With myriads of merchandise available on the market, the millennial girl is making a point through her sense of fashion.

Everything is well and good right? Well…Almost everything.  Have you thought about work clothes? Now, a work place is a tricky place. Even though the current corporate culture gives its employees undue freedom, there are some measures you have to take while dressing up for work. Living in a country that doesn’t have a formal dress code for women, we lean towards Sarees. They are the saving grace when we want to look chic and formal. Sarees are a great choice for someone who is too much of a fashionista to wear boring striped shirts and formal trousers. Why? Because Sarees complement an Indian woman’s silhouette perfectly. They emanate class and sophistication without looking trashy. Of course, the type of saree you choose decides everything. Over the top Kancheevaram sarees and designer sarees are obviously a no- no. There are some splendid casual sarees out there that can give designer sarees a run for its money. These casual sarees are the ultimate comfort wear as they are made of lightweight materials like chiffon, georgette and Bhagalpur cotton that do not cause any discomfort to the person wearing it. Apart from being comfortable, they are all very stylish and tasteful.

The great thing about casual sarees is the fact that they are comfortable to wear to everyday work without compromising on looks. If you are looking for one more reason to deck up casual sarees in your wardrobe, it must be the price at which these sarees are sold. Unlike other grand sarees that burn a hole in your pocket, Casual sarees are extremely economical and budget friendly in every accord. So don’t wait for longer. Check out Pothys’ Casual saree collection online and never look drab on a weekday again.

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