2016-02-11 20:14:34 Writen By: Pothys Readymades

Dressing Resolutions 2016

Are you one of those who stands in front of the wardrobe and decides on what to wear with out a moment's thought?

Are you one of those who blame it on lack of time to dress up ? Are you one those who is super lazy to dress calling your self a natural beauty ? Then here are few dressing resolutions that you should be making this 2016!

1.Time to try a new trend. Take a bold decision to  change the way you've been dressing so far.  Let 'coming out of the comfort zone ' be the the top one on your resolution agenda.

2.Give your wardrobe the essential things first and then you can concentrate on buying trendy stuff. For when you tick all that lists of your wardrobe basics then you get ready to buy all that is trending in fashion.

3.Stop sticking to a 'Wear forever' accessory and try sporting new accessory every day . This is like rejuvenating your style everyday.

4.Try more hues on you. If you are one of those kinds who will always stay loyal to one colour, then you have to try more colours on you.

5.Revamp your wardrobe . Remove everything that is worn to death. Keeps the ones that are rarely worn in front, so that they get picked often.

6.Mend the clothes that needs repair. Take more care for your favorite clothes. That might even involve frequent trips to a tailor shop.

7.Make 2016 the year to sport scarves and skirts a lot.

8.The list of wardrobe basics that you should always keeps an eye on are like varied hues of leggings, metallic clutches , and so on

9.Work hard to shop hard. Gift  yourselves the bliss of shopping therapy. Earn more to shop more, for it makes you feel the best.

10.After all wear a smile that will make any dress look like a million buck.

When you dress up well, that's when you transform into some one who will love oneself for what one is. Like how Oscar Wilde says " loving oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance" , because the lifelong relation ship one has is the one that you have with yourself. So love yourself and dress up more and keep upgrading your dressing resolutions.  Pothys will keep you stay in vogue for ever. Happy 2016!

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