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3 Tips to Own Your Dream Wedding Saree!

Hey there, beautiful. I understand you’re all excited and nervous inside that secretive heart of yours but, just relax for now. You must be busy with the usual: Hunting for your dream Dress, make-up, hair-do, cakes and wedding planners. I am here to help you ease out on the dress part. “Oh! You don’t know how hard it is.” I hear you. I am not saying it’s going to be simple. But, where there is a will there is a small peck of a way. Here it is.

Let Your Imagination Go Wild

All you need to do is day dream (which we do every day but, still…). Sit down or even lie down in a calm place where you can “think” about how you really want to look for your big day. You may take inspirations from movie stars or drool about that saree you eyed so jealously at your friend’s party. If you ask me, I’ll say keep it unique. After all, it’s “Your” big day not theirs. You’ve got to feel special standing on that pedestal, with a garment like no other and zap everyone with the word, “Awe”!

Psst: You can sketch a design of your own on a paper and experiment adding some colours to it.

Brush Up On the Seasonal Colour Trends

I know I asked you to day dream. But, staying updated on today’s colour trend is a strong echo of your inner fashion diva. You don’t have to be an expert on fashion but knowing what colours are a hit this season will help you choose wisely on colours for your wow dress. We’re in the middle of summer. So, I present you the list of summer colour dos which are striding the ramp now.
Both the neutral and fiery colours are here this summer.

• Coral and pink-rose shades pamper you with a fresh and glowing aura complimenting your blush.
• Red, all shades of it, is sultry, vibrant and makes you catch the eye.
• Dark Grey, gives you a calm and solid texture which is both dramatic and mystical.
• Yellow, shows your fun side and imparts a friendly beam.

Sarees. Sarees. Sarees.

We think of an Indian wedding and our immediate pictorisation would be a beautiful woman draped in a super gorgeous saree. Yes! There are so many types of sarees that it would be so very hard to decide. Let me tip you in.

•Evergreen Silk

There are several types of silk from several places of India. The Kanchipuram silk, Banaras silk, Mysore silk, and Konrad and the prominent ones. Kanchipuram silks are most loved by the south Indian crowd. You can’t blame them. It is a pure mulberry silk with heavy craftsmanship which involves weaving the saree’s pallu, body and border separately and then joining them together. The pallu has a simple or heavy zari-worked border and its body represents patterns of temples, ancient painting of legends, stripes and checks. It is rich to look at and feels exactly the same when worn.

Psst: For a more traditional effect, look for broad zari borders along the body and pallu with peacock or other motifs.

• The Gorgeous Georgette

The georgette, is every woman’s favourite owing to its sheer, light weighted, dull-fabricated and semi-transparent nature. It has a crisp and crimped appearance due to its alternating S and Z twist yarns. There are originally two types of georgette: Pure georgette is made from silk and faux georgette is made from rayon and polyester. The georgette saree looks magnificent and adds a chic look when accompanied with sequins, antique designs, resham, embroidery, lace, booti or netted work.

• The Sheer Chiffon

Chiffon is similar to georgette but, more slippery, light weighted and smoother than the other. It can be woven from cotton, silk or other synthetic materials and is semi-transparent. Chiffon adds a real lush appearance to it beholder due to its pure sheer material. Chiffon sarees rule when woven with heavy zardosi borders; tikkis, sequins and mirror work on the saree’s body.

• The Velvet Effect

Take pride in wearing this soft and lustrous fabric as your wedding attire. Velvet sarees are so rich to look at that even a plain one could make your day. Velvets come in various colours works on them and is best suited for the grandiose lovers. Go on and grab one to dazzle the evening.

Cocktail Leads the Crowd

A cocktail dress has been used as evening party wears from the mid-20s. Now, who said only these party gowns can glitter and throw havoc at the crowd? Sarees have been integrated the cocktail essence to glam up any place you walk into. Well, you walking in the room with a jazzy low cut blouse and a heavy sequin worked shimmer saree on your big day will just pop the wits out of your awestruck groom. You can’t blame him. You are too glorious to ignore.

Well, ladies, I’ve given my ideas. You run the show now. And remember this, no matter what, you’re going to be the most beautiful bride walking that aisle. All the best. Xoxo

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