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Diwali Is Finally Here!

Loud cracker noises day in and day out, beautiful fireworks decorating the sky, dining table stacked with sweets and savouries of every kind and lamps decorating every window sill.

Relatives and friends visiting our home from morning to evening and the relentless laughter and conversations all around the house. Yes! Diwali is finally here! With all the merriment and celebration, let’s not forget the one most important thing that Diwali cannot do without. Shopping!

Shopping on normal days is not too hectic. You can walk to the store, grab the stuff you like and come back home. Diwali shopping on the other hand is a different ball game. Right from the crowded showrooms to lack in variety and surge in prices, shopping during Diwali is truly daunting in every accord. With clothes for your family as well as gifts for your extended family, shopping for clothes is truly a herculean task for even a shopaholic. Right from the confusion of who should be gifted what, to burning a hole in the pocket, Diwali shopping can prove to be more tiresome than you expect it to be. Right from the oldest member in the family to a new born baby, everybody wants to look their best on Diwali. If shopping for oneself can be tiring, then think about shopping for a large group of people!

Fortunately, there is a one stop shop for all your clothing needs this Diwali. With an exquisite range of clothes at affordable prices and exciting discounts, Pothys is a saviour this Diwali season. Buy some spectacular clothing online from Pothys, this season and make your Diwali more eventful and joyous for everyone in the family. After all, Diwali comes only once a year right? From Anarkalis to Silk dhotis, Pothys has brought in a mind- blowing variety of clothes, exclusively for the festival season. This wide range of clothing has something for everyone. Be it any age, gender or type of clothes, Pothys is all set to impress its customers with some awe inspiring clothing collection. Wait no more! Celebrate the festival of lights with gorgeous clothes from Pothys!


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