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Different types of silks in India

Silk as we know is not only Tamil Nadu’s favourite but all around the world.

Silk is India’s most loved material used for making sarees and why not, after all the beauty and class of silk has been incomparable to others till date. The description of class, beauty, elegance, traditions and even diversities is depicted by the different types of silk sarees that we have in the country.

Some of the different types of silk sarees in India that you ought to know about are:

Kanchipuram silks

The most adored saree of all time in Tamil Nadu is the beautiful Kanchipuram silk saree. Its uniqueness lies in its colour contrast and use of designs that captures the richness of Tamil culture as it includes the traditional pyramidical designs and other traditional flower patterns, etc.

Mysore silks

There is just something about Mysore silk saree. It is considered as one of the best quality silk sarees made especially from Mysore silk. The highlight of this saree is its pallu that carries a different design than the rest of the body that usually comes in a metallic coloured pattern making it a bold statement.

Tussar silks

Tussar silk sarees are considered auspicious and are highly valued for its texture and purity. The designs on these sarees are usually taken from nature hence the patterns are usually natural motifs. It usually comes in the shades of honey, gold-pale, dark beige, cream, etc.

Pochampally silks

Pochampally silk saree gets its name from a place called Bhoodan Pochampally located in the state of Telangana. The quality that makes Pochampally silk saree stand out is its traditional geometric patterns that are beautifully woven using ikats form of dyeing, the beauty that gives formal touch to the classy look by providing you a completely different feel.

Orissa silks

The Orissa silk saree also known as Ikkat and patola are created by using the tie and dye method which is considered to be a very complex procedure. This saree comes in two types based on the method; one where the method is applied to wrap only and the other where the method is done on both wrap and weft, hence, making it wearable on both sides.

Paithani silks

The beautiful Paithani silk saree gets its name from a village near Aurangabad in Maharashtra. These sarees demands huge labour, ample amount of time and particular type of skill meant only for Paithani silk sarees. The distinctive patterns made in these sarees are parrots, trees and plants, making it recognisable because of these designs. The base of the border is beautifully layed with golden colour and the pattern is created with silk which provides the highlight to this saree.

When it comes to silk sarees the number and types can go on forever and variety is beauty we can all agree. Silk sarees remains one of the most desired sarees of all times and never disappoints both the person wearing it and the onlooker, silk sarees are the signature of classic elegance and will remain so undoubtedly, whatsoever.

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