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Ever-last memories by blending the couple names at Pothys state-of-the-art wedding silk sarees

Wedding is obviously something that’s going to stay special and keeps the would-be brides and grooms excited.

It is Natural that everybody loves to carry forward memories from your D-Day down the lane, so we have come out in this blog describing an innovative concept from Pothys that intends to make that memory special in the form of your bridal sarees.

A wedding saree is not something that just make the bride look adorable, so with our grand experience and history in the textile Industry we thought of introducing a state of art concept that would make your wedding silk saree a memoir of your special day even after years. The result of this fine research is the idea of weaving the brides and grooms name on your Bridal Silk Saree.

Current day’s young generation loves to collect even the finest detail of their great day so they could cherish it even after decades. This resulted in this idea having a great response from our patrons. Thus our innovational expertise had to add to this and evolve into broader ideas like weaving names on the silk sarees that were gifted on special anniversary occasions. The latest trend of this concept turned out to bring the replica of the couple’s photos on the mundhi of the wedding silk saree, printing dates and so on. Pothys concerted efforts in bringing in new concepts like this keeps mesmerizing our customers and legends like Kamal Hassan too, who shared it as a bit of joke in a meeting with our MD Mr. Ramesh saying “If this goes on Pothys will weave an entire movie in a single saree”.

Keep your fingers crossed for even better ideas from Pothys as our committed team is continuously working on bringing out ideas that keeps mesmerizing our customers who have been believing and supporting us all through these years.

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