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The Comfort of Art Silk sarees

Silk being a symbol of richness does become an obvious choice for wedding as it gives a cozy look to the bride at large. However, buying a silk saree every time on all occasions might make a hole in your wallets.

Art silk saree are synthetically manufactured saree which resembles silk. They are light and gives you comfort so that you carry them easily. Just like pure silk sarees art sarees are too airy, super light and very comfy which most people prefer wearing during summers. They cost way lesser than those of pure silk sarees. Art Silk sarees are made of rayon which is a result of regenerated cellulose. But the prints and designs are closely similar to silk sarees. The positive mixture of cotton silk and wool fabrics are used to manufacture Art Silk Fabric. Art silk has similar properties to that of natural fibers, becoming an ideal choice as it is available at rates that are affordable to all classes. It’s the right to be worn during the hot and humid climate as it not only makes your skin breathable but also insulates body heat and keeps your body cool. Women who wear sarees on a daily basis should switch to art silk sarees as the cotton sarees have become expensive. Nowadays, art sarees have reinvented the retro trend with its glossy finish and diverse patterns.

Art silk is originated from Artificial Silk. Anything that doesn’t come from the silkworm cocoon can be termed as Art silk. Usage of Art silk has gushed in current times because of cheaper cost of production when compared to pure silk. They are generally more slippery to wear compared to other fabrics. These sarees bring out the traditional demeanor of Indian weaves. Wearing these fancy sarees to occasions can pull your stunning persona. India has a unique distinction of producing different variations of silk. Indian Sarees are basically made up of pure silk that are produced in abundance in the Indian silk industry.

Enjoy the royalty of silk sarees without burning a hole in your pocket. We have a great variety of Art Silk sarees online. Our Art Silk collection doesn’t stress your pocket and lets you feel like royalty in the comfort of Silk.

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