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Christmas Weddings

With Christmas comes the wildest wedding fantasies for those who have wedding plans up their sleeves.

We’ve come up with few ideas to add more magic to your weddings. We see brides wearing white or off-white silk sarees in Christmas weddings and they are a truly culture inspired wedding!

We also get to see brides in beautiful white gowns decked up in beautiful jewelry and veil. What a vision it makes! Here are few more to ideas to bring a twist to your usual whites and off-whites…

• A fail-safe way to wear on your wedding is a Kancheepuram saree. Pick white or beige. Light or heavy. Kancheepuram sarees are enough to render opulence. To give it a modern twist, pair it up with lace blouses. And you are up with an ethereal ensemble on your D- day!

• If you would still prefer a lighter look on, get yourself a designer saree. Like we said, with a sheer lacy blouse, you are definitely going to look like a dainty bride.

• Gown and a winter wedding - a combo to wed for! Between cakes and flowers, pick a wedding gown that can sparkle with sequins and embellishments. And we have just that for you! When you swiftly walk through the aisle in a beautiful wedding gown, the church gathering will be sure get in a trance.

• Not forgetting the bridesmaids, pick them ultra-glam lehengas from our collections. They might equally steal the shows and we hope you wouldn’t mind.

What better way to warm up the winter than with festivities and weddings! Let there be showers of blessings on your D- Day when you are dressed just to impress and steal shows! Merry Christmas!

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