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Chariot – A Divine Journey.

Saree being the most traditional and celebrated clothing, it is the quintessential Indian garment for women. The art of weaving for our national costume ‘saree’, with its intricate designs is originated from South India and we take the pride to weave chariot motifs in the saree.


Chariot motifs further serves to illuminate the beauty and significance of this garment. It is inspired by the temple architecture and usually chariot is made for ancient Gods even now during festive seasons, and it means ‘Ratham’, an integral part of mythology.

Weavers design Chariot Motifs in saree to recall the ancient mythology and it also symbolizes that time is sacred, cyclic, and repetitive and is in constant movement like in the wheel of the chariot.


‘Rath’ with other elements like Elegant or horse  on the either side are also being weaved or embroidered to give the royal look on a women with its enviable texture, and sheen. Saree with these traditional motifs are often inspired by nature and religion and so undoubtedly it enhances the beauty of women.

Carry yourself like a queen in chariot and drape in this re-discovered beauty of chariot motifs sarees without giving up on the elegance and beauty.


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