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Chanderi Silks, The Sheer Opulence

When occasion demands a woman to dress up ethnic and yet look beautiful, the one attire that can never fail is a saree. Especially when once preference is a handloom saree, the wearer is rendered an extraordinary elegance. If you are among the ones, who feels the comfort and opulence in a handloom saree, then a Chanderi silk will stand out suitable in all standards. Here’s a sneak into why Chanderi silks top the choice of many women.

The saree, the unofficial national attire for woman in India, is also the most sensual and beautiful piece of clothing, arguably, in the whole world. That a simple unstitched piece of cloth can be draped with such élan and flamboyance mesmerises most. And the grace and dignity it endows the wearer with is certainly out worldly.
The history of the humble, yet elegant, saree can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization and can be regarded as probably the only unstitched piece of garment still in existence. From the simple cotton drapes of the early Indus Valley settlers to the more exquisite dyed and bejewelled sarees can be found mentioned in historical texts. Today, sarees are as comfortable and graceful on the body of a middle class housewife as they are on a model walking the ramp in a global fashion show.
Silk is often regarded as the “Queen of Textiles” due to its lustre, light weight and sheer elegance. Derived from the cocoons of Mulbery Silkworms, this priceless thread is weaved into cloth and is then dyed, printed upon and embroidered by master craftsmen to create the most coveted of all clothes – the silk saree.
Many regions in India are known for their exquisite silk sarees and the sarees themselves have become famous from the names of the regions – Dharmavaram, Kanchipuram, Banaras Silks, Mysore, Kota, Bhagalpur, Tussar and Chanderi. Chanderi silk sarees originate from the small town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh and are known for their vibrant colours and embroidered patterns featuring peacocks, floral and geometric motifs.
A Chanderi silk saree draped in the right manner can create a gorgeous aura around the woman and make her beauty appear more stunning. Buy one online with Pothys and be ready to garner praise and draw attention as you traipse through the crowd.

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