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Dhoti - The Ethno - Vogue!

Dress up ....For it's more shopping time. It's raining offers in Pothys!

Festival time is when a compulsive shopping happens. But that compulsion is sheer joy, which we would want to happen again and again. This time Pothys gives you more reason to smile and shop. Let this Pongal brim with joy too. As sarees take a centre stage during festivals, there's one other attire that catches attention too.

It is "Dhoti". The unstitched piece of cloth that men wrap around their waists is a traditional attire. This classic attire gets a royal look when it is made of silk. The majestic and opulent look that one gets wearing this, will win hearts over.

When our Diwali advertisement showed the legendary actor Kamal Hassan in Dhoti , there was no one in Tamilnadu who didn't drop jaw. The dhoti when carried on the right way, just casts a spell on the onlookers . When men are all up to flaunt on a festival day, it is 'Dhoti' that they would opt for.

If something involves a pious tour, then Dhoti tops the attire list. The aesthetic value of Tamil culture gets enhanced with men wearing Dhotis. Though Dhotis have become an occasional wear for men, it still is worn with love and pride. It demands respect for the wearer. When worn with a silk shirt. the wearer completes an ethnic and traditional look.

This is an usual sight that one would get to see with dhoti wearers around....A Dhoti wearer would lift up his leg back to snap the Dhoti with a quick whiff to make it more comfortable to attend to work... Ah! that in itself is 'ethno-vogue' , as we may coin it, to call something that adds vogue to an ethnic look.  There's everything in a Dhoti that would lend style to its wearer making any day festive.

A man in Dhoti and a woman in saree make a picture perfect sight to look at during festivities. This Pongal let us strike more style in our ethnic outfits with much more exciting offers that Pothys has to offer.

Happy Pongal in advance !

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