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Bridal Lehengas Made with Pride

You don't have to be a connoisseur to judge a piece of art. Like how it is believed, anything that is created is created with the person who'll own it, in mind.

So when you own a thing of beauty, you belong to it. Like when a Lehenga is created, it is created with the wearer in mind. The creator doesn't have to put a face to the wearer, when the lehenga is created. But he adds heart of grace and beauty to the attire. Especially when the bridal lehengas reach the brides, they become equally festive as the bride and the occasion is.

The brides now a day, are so particular when it comes to choosing their wedding attires.  The designers have brought the latest fashion a long way from where it has started. The latest lehengas they make has taken the fashion world by storm. With rain performing wild shows around the city, monsoon wedding might seem a nightmare to many. But there are advantages attached to it.

The bride of the monsoon wedding doesn't have to sweat much on the D day! Isn't that such a great thing to stay fresh all through the wedding with the make up staying intact! It sure is a great thing. And when it comes wearing the heavy lehengas, it becomes super easy to carry it off on a less humid day.

You can sport a celeb look with the right accessories to your lehenga. Here are few accessories sported by brides in vogue!

• Sport a headgear or a mang tikka on a trendy bouffant updo or a Spanish updo.
• Wear pearl studded jewellery when you want to add a sparkle to your designer lehenga
• Crop top Lenegas go good with the minimal of jewelleries
• Muted coloured accessories for a bright colored lehenga is a wise choice.
• Zari patterned lehenga gets doubly beautiful with stone studded jewelries.

So worry no more for a monsoon wedding. Be that rocking bride in a ravishing bridal lehenga from Pothys. Keep your monsoon blues at bay! Wear your beauty and attitude and shine like a star on your wedding!

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