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Blouse Neck Lines that will add glam to sarees

Like how we tipped on choosing your wedding silk in our recent blog buying a bridal saree, we have come up with few neck line ideas to add glam to the your looks on your wedding day or even for your reception saree.

It is never just the saree that adds to the look of a bride on her wedding day, the blouses play a vital role too.  To add a zing to the wedding saree, the blouses have to be equally beautiful and well designed. Here are few neckline ideas that will let the sarees shine more.

A little off shoulder blouse is a wise choice. The jewelries will get more attention and sparkle when you show that collar bone off. If you are confident enough to flaunt your collar bone, you definitely can go for this kind of neck line.

Heart shaped neck line is a "Fit All" kind of neck line that any woman can flaunt her wedding saree in. So when you are so confused with choosing the neck line for your blouse, this neck line design can come spot on.

A boat line neck pattern is very much in off late. So you will sure look ethnic yet trendy with this kind of neck line.  A minimal jewelry even on your wedding can make you leave an impressive look among the wedding crowd.

A deep "U " neck line is very much trending too. The sleeves can run till your elbow to give an opulent look .  A slightly deep neckline at the back will look equally beautiful.

Copper and Gold colored blouses can add a zing to your attire and can go with other sarees too. When you choose the palette for your blouses, be wise to choose a matching colour that can match many sarees. For we know you are going to invest a lot on your wedding blouses.

Be the complete diva on your wedding ceremonies with a super cool blouse design.

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