2016-10-13 11:08:18 Writen By: Pothys Readymades

For Your Dancing Queen

If you are well accustomed to getting up at 5am for your little girl to go to dance practice, hearing their stories about what new dance move they learned and apologize to neighbours downstairs about the noise your daughter creates while dancing throughout the day, you are the parent of a little dancing queen. Right from when she stepped into the dance class, till date, she will not miss a day of practice, will she?

When your child is so excited about something and wants to pursue it seriously, the excitement tends to infect you as well. On top of it, if she truly manages to shine in the field, it is a proud moment for everyone in the field. These long hours of arduous practice sessions and energy spent is sure to win you a prize. Salangai Pooja is bound to be a milestone in a young dancer’s career. After the monumental Salangai Pooja, many performances and accolades are going to be received by your daughter followed by the ultimate Arangetram. An Arangetram is considered to be the stage that certifies a person as a professional dancer.

Other than these two major landmarks, a dancer is set to perform in many more stages and each and every performance is a feather to their cap. These performances entail hours and hours of practice sessions, physical duress and hard work. All this hard work is sure to pay off your child receive a standing ovation for a great performance. After all, your daughter is portraying the great classical dance of India- Bharatanatyam and you are going to brim with pride and happiness when you witness your daughter’s success.

Other hassle that a parent has to go through is the process of finding the perfect Bharatanatyam costume. With so many dress shops selling dresses for many events, it tends to get a little confusing. Nevertheless, it is your job to find a Bharatanatyam saree that makes your little superstar look more beautiful and comfortable. Find a Bharatanatyam saree online at Pothys from an exclusive collected filled with Bharatanatyam sarees of different colour and design.  

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