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Be the mastery on Motifs

South Indians presume to have a unique collection of sarees, emphasize with few motives of animals, flowers, culture, music and geometrical. No more confusion! Yes, Pothys gives you a wide range of collections to choose from with gorgeous motifs on it.

Veenai and Miruthangam:

Veenai and Miruthangam

Get the swaram and thalam of life with the harmony of beauty and fashion.
Will it sound good if someone calls you as the Musical Lady?
Pothys comforts to choose from variety of musical instrumental motifs like veenai and miruthangam to carry on your sarees to seize a second look every time.

Beauty and the Beast:

Beauty and the Beast:

Glam up your beauty more as you carry the beast on your drapes and pleats. 

Rule the wild as the Royal Red Yanai motif on your saree would do justice to the untamed soul of the lioness in you.



Just like the beautiful lotus that brightens in between the murky water, Pothys vows to brighten up the elegance of every women.
The pink Thamarai motif blooms the delicacy of the women.

Mesmerize with the Postures:

Mesmerize with the Postures

Pothys always strives to provide exclusiveness in their designs.
It is amazing to wear religious and auspicious symbols of women in stances of dancing, singing, or beautifying themselves as motifs creating an evolution of design principles by the Indian Craftsmen.

Pothys bring in the traditional motifs that intensely influenced by religious, cultural, historical and environmental believes of the South Indian people. These motifs are the connotations of poetic expressions and imaginations towards life.

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