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Bangles to Jingle with Fashion

Ethnic wear in India can never be complete without those dozens of sparkling bangles for Indian women.

Have you ever seen an ethnic wear ensemble without bangles? Nay! So what makes the bangles so essential in Indian women's attire? The rich Indian heritage it is! Though it is called in different names as Chudi, Valayal, Gaju and many much across India, it is worn to symbolize matrimonial status. But now they have become a fashion statement with modern women.

Gone were the days, when bangles were only circular in shape and were only made of glass. But now they are not just round but they come squiggly, square and even triangular. There are many fashion evolutions that bangles have gone through. The currently popular ones are the Terracotta bangles, wooden bangles, and silk thread bangles shopping.

Though few prefer expensive bangles made of gold, there are many who prefer imitation jewelry just for the choices and colors available in them. The silk thread bangles are now custom made and they can match any attire in color. Also, Silk thread jewelry can give matching earnings and neck sets. So these silk thread jewelry are the choice of many.

Oxidized bangles are the hottest trend now. These are back with a bang. A ‘gleaming black streak of beauty’ in these black metals is the choice of youngsters these days. Pothys stocks the best of all fashions in bangles. The stone-embellished bangles give an opulent look to sport with silk sarees.

Terracotta bangles inspired by elements of nature are the much-desired form of jewelry. This clay-born jewelry is very much affordable; so one can hoard as many designs and colors in them. These bangles and wooden bangles make one feel so lively with nature around since these are made with natural elements. Though these are jingle-less… they definitely do add beauty to your looks.

A dozen or one, Bangles make ethnic clothes more ethnic. Give your ethnic ensemble a beautiful overhaul with bangles from Pothys!

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