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Aadi is the month you have been waiting for. It is the time when you go on a shopping spree letting loose of your budgets- wild and free without any inhibitions.


2017-06-26 12:46:55 Pubslished In Apparel

The Bond: Mother and Daughter Matching Outfits!!

The mother and daughter relationship is a special bond which spans the years. A life long friendship built on sharing hugs, warmth and caring. 


2017-06-19 10:26:36 Pubslished In Apparel

Festive looks for Ramadan

We at Pothys want to share this memorable occasion of Ramadan with a wide range of collections at our outlets and online store - especially for the festive spirit in you.


2017-06-12 17:09:56 Pubslished In Apparel

New Arrivals – Shop the latest collection!

New arrivals imply new beginning of design, collections and range. We at Pothys make sure that each beginning of yours is blessed with utmost prosperity and serenity with our stunning versatile range of new collections.


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