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The Traditional Attire for Men - Angavastram, Dhoti

Angavastram is a south Indian tradition cloth which is white in color. Can be called a stole also which worn by men as a sign of respect and pride.

It is draped over the shoulders. It’s a long rectangular cloth meant to cover the torso. Angavatram is generally worn along with south Indian dhoti or veshti majorly worn among the devotees in the temple. The Angavastram is not just an addition in South as its garment is used in many practical ways. This Angavastram is also worn by farmers as a towel while farming. This piece of clothing is very much worn by Hare Krishna disciples and at times by Mangalorean and Bengali grooms as well as the maternal uncle of the bride in states of Karnataka.

Due to reasons like devotees are not allowed to wear brightly-colored cloth while worshipping their deities, the Angavastram and dhoti are usually a plain white or a cream color stole with golden border to give the rich and South Indian look and is generally purchased along with the dhoti and are sold like a set. An Angavastram and the dhoti have single strip or two stripes of color or even gold zari along the border.  

An Angavastram an accessory to dhoti, is made to be worn along with it to complete the traditional attire for men. If a dhoti kurta has been worn, then the Angavastram is worn just to complete the attire. This cloth is essentially starched, folded, ironed and then draped across one shoulder, covering as much of chest as possible. Pothys gives you a versatile range of dhotis which is made using fine quality fabric. One can also buy readymade dhotis which are available at Pothys stores or can also be ordered from Pothys online store.

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