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A Life of Thread-Dedicated to the Weavers of Kanchipuram

The Magnificent world of weavers in made with colours, handlooms, poverty and their undying spirit towards their work. Our Country is a land of University in Diversity. This statement is true in each and every aspect. This holds true for weaving also. 

Indian weaving industries

The world of Indian weaving is enchanting and mesmerizing! Over 38,00,000 Indian weaving industries have been built throughout the country and more there are more than 15,00,000 domestic weaving industries today in India. Government does its part, but still many of the original Indian cotton crops have been demolished and replaced by American Cotton crops.

Tamilnadu plays and important role in terms of contribution made by handloom sector. Tamilnadu produces around 2500Lakh meters of handloom cloth out of which handloom cooperatives contribute to around 1200 lakh meters. Tamilnadu provides employment to around 65 lakh people directly or indirectly, to either weavers or allied workers.

Handloom Cloth

Pothys, A Chain of Leading Textile showroom in South India has always backed up, nurtured and uplifted the weaving community. Designs by pothys bring out the life out of the threads and dyes. They know the art of weaving by heart and they know what they want in the form of beautiful and scintillating weaves. The pothys handloom slowly weaves out the threads and reaches its art in the form of mesmerizing sarees and clothing. 

The sarees and weaves from pothys are nothing less than beauty of the soul. Pothys salutes their weavers for inspiring, motivating and bringing out the best of them to serve the handloom industry on this International Labour Day.

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