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Colours of Navratri

Navratri is a major festival in India that calls for a nine-day celebration. The nine days are devoted to Goddess Durga and her nine avatars.

According to Hindu mythology, each of the nine days is significantly associated with each one of her incarnations. The exciting part about festivals is dressing up with new clothing. And, the highlight of the nine-day celebration is the unique ritual of wearing a specific colour of attire each day. So, let Pothys’ collection of nine striking Pattu Pavadai designs lessen your burden of choosing outfits this festive season of Navratri!

Day 1

What better way to start the celebration than bright orange clothing? This bold piece from Pothys features a one-of-a-kind subtle floral motif throughout the outfit. The border of this Pattu Pavadaiis where true boldness appears in the form of shiny silver texture along with horse motifs. As orange exhibits courage, your little one will look bold and radiant in this original piece from Pothys!

Day 2

The colour white symbolizes prayer and peace. While donning this stunning white Pattu Pavadai attire, your little girl will look nothing less than angelic. The piece is enveloped with beautiful and neat patterns that make it look graceful and elegant. You can style this gorgeous outfit with gold or diamond jewellery to go for the subtle look. For a bolder look, go with bright coloured jewellery like green or pink.

Day 3

This completely patterned red Pattu Pavadai gives off a fierce look. The colour red depicts dynamism. As seen in this novel piece from Pothys, the brightness of the red corresponds with the eye-catching elephant motifs. This grand attire will steal the spotlight on important occasions and festivals. Adorn your girl with this dynamic red Pattu Pavadai to mark the third day of the celebration. Style this with a playful neckline to bring out the charm of the outfit!

Day 4

There can never be enough blueness. Our uniquely checked royal blue Pattu Pavadaiis a testament to this. This gorgeous shade of blue stands for serenity and calmness. The unique patterns in this piece bring out the lightheartedness of the outfit. This is counteracted with the classic silver border to display tranquillity. Dress your kid with this harmonious Pattu Pavadai from Pothys for a classic outdoorsy look this Navratri!

Day 5

What better way to elevate your girl’s beauty than the use of bright colours? Your little one will look peppy and fun with this bright yellow Pattu Pavadaifrom Pothys! To balance out the overall tone of the clothing, the yellow is complemented with orange and silver tones. The intricate work on the border shows the elegance of the Pattu Pavadaiin a different light. This lively piece from Pothys is sure to brighten your celebrations!

Day 6

Our faith helps us set our view towards a prosperous life. This is represented by the colour green. The distinctive pattern of this gorgeous green Pattu Pavadaiattests to its uniqueness. The silver-coloured print throughout the attire resonates with its bright border, making this the ideal celebratory outfit! As we pray for a prosperous life this festive season, don this striking green Pattu Pavadaifrom Pothys with some gold jewellery!

Day 7

The colour grey is symbolic of valiant behaviour. This representation is displayed in the distinctive grey Pattu Pavadai from Pothys. Though the colour grey is often judged to not be suitable for everyone, there is certain exuberance to it. The notable details of this attire are the vibrant design and loud texture against a subtle tone. Turn this stunning grey Pattu Pavadaiinto a cheerful piece by adding bright green or pink coloured jewellery.

Day 8

To have ambition is to know yourself and you are worth more than anyone else. On this day of Navratri, the colour purple is the star. This beautiful purple Pattu Pavadai from Pothys will bring out the brightness and charisma of your little one. The silver motifs throughout the attire provide a rich texture to the Pattu Pavadai. To style this particular piece, go for silver-toned jewellery to bring out the vibrancy of the purple.

Day 9

This royal ethnic wear is the perfect choice to mark the end of the celebrations. Peacock green represents triumph and victory. This brilliant shade makes for the ideal party wear. The length of the border produces a flowy effect of the skirt. The silver prints against the peacock green radiate peaceful energy making your little one the star of the day! You can style this lavish Pattu Pavadai from Pothys with a dark coloured neckpiece and silver anklets.

The beauty of these Pattu Pavadai designs really shines through with skilful neckline work and the sleeve design. With Pothys’ collection of these colourful Pattu Pavadais, you are sorted for the nine-day celebration! We wish you peace and prosperity this Navratri!

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