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OOTD Special- outfit of the day ideas

To match the world’s trends, here we are to share thoughts #OOTD – Outfit of the day special from Pothys. To showcase yourselves on what you wear with a hugely popular hashtag, here are the few suggestions for the great look as per the occasion.

Holiday Look

After finding the perfect place for a perfect holiday, it’s time to look for the perfect #OOTD. Holiday looks will be fulfilled if you wear something comfortable like Skirt and top to roam around and with instagram worthy images taken.

Work wear

Rolling into the office in this starting of the summer and heavy traffic isn’t always the easiest task. Go for basics like linen and then amp up this classic workwear ensemble with a playful coolers/handbags and minimal accessories, with this you have got yourself a total knockout look!

Wedding occasion

Indian weddings are incomplete without seeing women in ethnic Sarees! Grab the most popular and ravishing silk sarees from Pothys with matchinggold jewelleries which will accentuate the wedding look.

Get ready to hit Off in Pothys’s Outfit of the Day clothing with extra colors, extra embellishments to enjoy all the head turnings.

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