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Wedding Motifs – To Enjoy Your Big Day

Silk sarees with exquisite grandeur embellishments makes the bride’s big day a special one. The evergreen silk sarees and its specific motifs have historic significance and an untamed beauty on the wearer.


Peacock is a divine mythical bird and the most favorite motifs among the silk saree weavers and the wearers. The peacock motif in bride’s saree is the ideal choice for a wedding because of its iridescent beauty, commendable display of craftsmanship and the spiritual qualities of a lovely sauntering bird makes it enthralled for every bride.


The blooming flower with lively leaves is a timeless motifs that is truly inspired by our mother nature and designed for the brides.  Lotus motifs on a wedding saree symbolize beauty and glory for the bride and this splendid motif is sure to catch every onlookers fancy.


The mango motif or paisley is considered as the conventional and traditional motif on a wedding saree. Inspired by nature, the simple yet popular paisley motifs are considered auspicious adds more grace and beauty to the silk saree and also for the bride.

Each motifs in the wedding sarees is inspired by favored flowers, myths and history tales we come across in life. Shop the beguiling wedding sarees from Pothys that entice every brides to be.

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