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Let Accessories do the Magic!

For a statement dressing, an Indian ensemble is not complete without the emphatic presence of accessories that accentuates the whole look. Pothys every piece of jewellery have its own formula for radiant beauty.


Earrings make a stand-alone fashion statement when worn with any type of clothing. Styled with the right pair of earrings, you wouldn’t need any other accessories to complete your look! Pothys earring collections are crafted in the same way, capable to shine on its own!


Pothys lets you indulge in some of the scintillating contemporary necklaces accented with precious stones that define opulence with. In the varieties of extraordinary traditional Indian necklaces, this piece stands out as it incorporates high-quality white, pink and green stones with colourful beads in the bottom.


Bangles are an all-time favourite piece of accessory that dates back to our ancestors! The lustrous, shiny and transparent appearance made glass bangles a largely coveted accessory of the time. With time, Pothys has managed to replicate its original essence with modern perspective that can be loved by all ages!

If you are antique lover, it would be impeccable to have these exquisite neck pieces of Indian accessories from Pothys.

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